Ammonia fuel.. CO2 and pollution FREE.. Wikipedia

Ammonia was used during World War II to power buses in Belgium, and in engine and solar energy applications prior to 1900. Liquid ammonia also fuelled the Reaction Motors XLR99 rocket engine, that powered the X-15 hypersonic research aircraft. Although not as powerful as other fuels, it left no soot in the reusable rocket engine and its density approximately matches the density of the oxidizer, liquid oxygen, which simplified the aircraft’s design.

The X-15 aircraft used ammonia as one component fuel of its rocket engine

Ammonia has been proposed as a practical alternative to fossil fuel for internal combustion engines.[49] The calorific value of ammonia is 22.5 MJ/kg (9690 BTU/lb), which is about half that of diesel. In a normal engine, in which the water vapour is not condensed, the calorific value of ammonia will be about 21% less than this figure. It can be used in existing engines with only minor modifications to carburettors/injectors. Continue reading “Ammonia fuel.. CO2 and pollution FREE.. Wikipedia”

2013 NH3 Fuel Conference: CO2-free fuel exists NOW!

2013 NH3 Fuel Conference

The Tenth Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

September 22 – 25, 2013 • Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, California

co2-free-fuel 22013 NH3 Fuel Conference: Continue reading “2013 NH3 Fuel Conference: CO2-free fuel exists NOW!”

Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!

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Nature's Hydrogen TankQ: What is ammonia?

A: Ammonia is simply Hydrogen and Nitrogen (NH3). Notice there is no carbon (C) in “NH3”. That means when you burn ammonia, it cannot release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse pollutants. Continue reading “Ammonia FAQs: fossil fools use fossil fuels!”

Benefits of Green NH3 (ammonia) over other fuels

By now we all know we’re in a climate change emergency. Many poeple also know that fossil fuels kill millions through air, land and water pollution.

But very few are aware that a cheap alternative fuel has existed all along, suppressed by the Fossil Fools for over 100 years.

And hardly anyone will believe this alternative is 100% CO2-free and produces no toxic gases when burned, is safer than petroleum and can be made locally from solar electricity, air and water. Continue reading “Benefits of Green NH3 (ammonia) over other fuels”

London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for just $37m. report

NH3 Cost benefit analysis 1. draft report

Conversion of London Buses to zero % of CO2 and toxic gas emissions.

Download an extended PDF of this report HERE.CO2-free fuel. NH3 Cost benefit analysis… Continue reading “London Buses could be pollution and CO2 free for just $37m. report”