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España evitaría 16.000 de muertes el año por causas respiratorias y cardiovasculares adoptando el carburante Gas Verde (NH3), que además sale más barato y no emite CO2 al quemarse.

A sabiendas.. saben perfectamente que hay una alternativa limpia, la indústria petrolera sigue arrasando, y incluso reciben subsidios . Por supuesto pagan ZERO por los miles de afectados por la contaminacíon, ni la destrucción definitiva del delicado equilibrio climatico, sobre lo cual nuestra existencia misma depende.

Nada de esto es accidente. La technologia NH3 ha existido durante 100 años y sale mas barato. Buses en Belgium funcionaron perfectament con Gas Verde en los años 40! Tractores, Coches, Locomotores y hasta aviones de la NASA han funcionado con el carburante.

Ya es hora de denunciar por nombre y buscar las pruebas de la supresión del Gas Verde y la culpabilidad de las Corporaciones petroleras y automobilisticas en la muerte lenta y dolorosa…

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 NH3 fuel can be burned without producing CO2 or toxic gases, plus its cheaper and nearly as high powered as gasoline But right now its made with Natural Gas feedstock.. which DOES pollute and emit CO2. However NH3 is ideal for production with smaller scale renewable ‘green’ facilities. For example we can go right back to 1913, and climb up to the waterfall on the ice free fjord of Rjukan, where ‘green’ NH3 fertilizer was made for half the planet!

The 60 MW Rjukan dam in Telemark, Norway produced ammonia via electrolysis of water for many years from 1913 producing fertilizer for much of Europe at the Vemork power station at the Norsk H Rjukan waterfall in the Telemark province (state)

In the European and American race to develop a process for manufacturing artificial fertiliser, the Rjukanfossen waterfall was harnessed in 1911 to provide sufficient power to run Professor Kristian…

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Ammonia as  a Hydrogen Source

NH3 is a wonderful natural way of storing Hydrogen.. You don’t need special tanks or equipment that cost billions to develop and are impossible to maintain.

You just burn the hydrogen in the Ammonia, at the correct narrow temperature and air mix, and you can run a gasoline or diesel engine on it perfectly well, better in fact as the seals don’t wear out so fast…….WHILE EMITTING ZERO CO2 and contaminating gases!!

Here’s an internet  photo of  a brand new 100 ton  locomotive.. runs on ‘hydride storage’.. powered by….AMMONIA

”Essentially, the consortium is taking a two-pronged approach to the fuel storage and fuel production issue: on-board hydride storage and off-board hydrogen generation from ammonia. If generating hydrogen from ammonia, a fertilizer – something that has been advocated and/or tried repeatedly in past decades – proves economical and efficient, an…

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Recently I discovered that a CO2 -free fuel for internal combustion engines already exists and would be cheaper and less dangerous than petroleum products.
MUCH less dangerous as burning it produces no SOx, no Carbon Monoxide, very low NOx etc which worldwide
cause hundreds of thousands of extra deaths from respiratory diseases every year.
WHY then don’t we use it?? Because the oil corporations have us hooked on their products.
I was inspired to publicize the existence of  NH3 fuel in a small way with this blog and Farcebook.
Incredibly when publicized as an Event there was little interest..MORE AGAINST THAN IN FAVOUR.
People cant believe it and see me as one more internet crank. The best response so far comes from Anne J., see below,

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I found it, thanks to   Proton Ventures  and to see an overview opf their NFuel systems:

This is it, a process that is CO2 free, which makes a fuel that’s also CO2 free when burned.

And it’s cheap and safer than petroleum. Free also of NOx and SOx pollution that KILLS millions of us

Plus ALL combustion engines can be adapted to run on it.

Q E D… This is a viable answer to cut CO2 emissions by 30% plus (transport)

The rest is politics, capitalism, greed and criminal trashing of the planet.


CO2-free fuel plantI’m doing a micro campaign on this blog in favour of this  CO2-free fuel.

It’s not a success. Nobody is interested, or else they think I’m another Nutter.

Please can you help? We need lots of free publicity and to persuade ‘respectable’ blogs, magazines, etc to write about it.

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welcome to YOUR resource for promoting CO2-free fuel

This  blog  promotes a long ignored fuel.. ”green gasoline’ as a way to help stop the ‘Climate Armageddon’ that’s coming. We have NO commercial interest.  Please feel free to comment, or add material as comments which I’ll then highlight.     We are happy to accept articles we disagree with (like making NH3 from nuclear) in the interest of open discussion, but NOT to help sell noxious products ! Continue reading “welcome to YOUR resource for promoting CO2-free fuel”