Green ammonia pilot plants now running, in Oxford and Fukushima

by Trevor Brown

Two new pilot projects for producing “green ammonia” from renewable electricity are now up and running and successfully producing ammonia.

In April 2018, the Ammonia Manufacturing Pilot Plant for Renewable Energy started up at the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute – AIST (FREA) in Japan. Earlier this week, Siemens launched operations at its Green Ammonia Demonstrator, at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory outside Oxford in the UK.

Green Ammonia is finally taking off… CO2-free ”Gasoline”

note: It’s been a while since our Ammonia posts were updated. Now Ammonia energy is going mainstream, but 10 years ago we were like mad prophets screaming WHAT ABOUT AMMONIA.
NH3.....Hydrogen is ‘sexy’, but hard to contain and control, while Ammonia, though old and smelly is a cheap natural Hydrogen container .. NH3. Science has answers, but it’s insane capitalism that still rules. Finally it’s accepted what we said all along, that you can produce Ammonia with renewables anywhere in any quantity from just air, water and some catalysts. No excuse now for not closing down the huge fossil fuel ammonia fertilizer plants worldwide. Ammonia cars already exist, but we’d like to see cheap adaptation technology for existing cars, lorries, ships, and even one day, planes. can produce CO2-free Ammonia with renewables anywhere in any quantity from just air, water and some catalysts..

Green Ammonia Plants, Commercially Available Today

by Trevor Brown

In the last 12 months …

Green ammonia pilot plants began operations in the UK and Japan, and new demonstration plants were announced in Australia, Denmark, Morocco, and the Netherlands (more, yet to be announced, are in development).

Fertilizer company CEOs spoke about how green ammonia fits their corporate strategy. And all four of the global licensors of ammonia technology made it abundantly clear that they are ready and willing to build your green ammonia plant, today. Continue reading “Green Ammonia is finally taking off… CO2-free ”Gasoline””

TED Lesson.. How to save the Planet..suppressed CO2-free fuel exists now, cheaper and safer.

You can now view the first TED LESSON on the Am Veh CO2-Free car here:

see TED lesson here

Let’s Begin…

A CO2-Free fuel for combustion engines already exists and is cheaper and safer than petroleum products. Ammonia is CO2 FREE (you burn the hydrogen in it) and could save the planet from Climate Change. It’s easily made from CO2-free renewables and new SSAS tech could halve production costs. Let’s demand this technology and STOP fossil fuel subsidies NOW. 

see TED lesson here

more on the AM-VEH Car here: