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 NH3 fuel can be burned without producing CO2 or toxic gases, plus its cheaper and nearly as high powered as gasoline But right now its made with Natural Gas feedstock.. which DOES pollute and emit CO2. However NH3 is ideal for production with smaller scale renewable ‘green’ facilities. For example we can go right back to 1913, and climb up to the waterfall on the ice free fjord of Rjukan, where ‘green’ NH3 fertilizer was made for half the planet!

The 60 MW Rjukan dam in Telemark, Norway produced ammonia via electrolysis of water for many years from 1913 producing fertilizer for much of Europe at the Vemork power station at the Norsk H Rjukan waterfall in the Telemark province (state)

In the European and American race to develop a process for manufacturing artificial fertiliser, the Rjukanfossen waterfall was harnessed in 1911 to provide sufficient power to run Professor Kristian…

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