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Ammonia as  a Hydrogen Source

NH3 is a wonderful natural way of storing Hydrogen.. You don’t need special tanks or equipment that cost billions to develop and are impossible to maintain.

You just burn the hydrogen in the Ammonia, at the correct narrow temperature and air mix, and you can run a gasoline or diesel engine on it perfectly well, better in fact as the seals don’t wear out so fast…….WHILE EMITTING ZERO CO2 and contaminating gases!!

Here’s an internet  photo of  a brand new 100 ton  locomotive.. runs on ‘hydride storage’.. powered by….AMMONIA

”Essentially, the consortium is taking a two-pronged approach to the fuel storage and fuel production issue: on-board hydride storage and off-board hydrogen generation from ammonia. If generating hydrogen from ammonia, a fertilizer – something that has been advocated and/or tried repeatedly in past decades – proves economical and efficient, an…

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