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I found it, thanks to   Proton Ventures  and to see an overview opf their NFuel systems:

This is it, a process that is CO2 free, which makes a fuel that’s also CO2 free when burned.

And it’s cheap and safer than petroleum. Free also of NOx and SOx pollution that KILLS millions of us

Plus ALL combustion engines can be adapted to run on it.

Q E D… This is a viable answer to cut CO2 emissions by 30% plus (transport)

The rest is politics, capitalism, greed and criminal trashing of the planet.


CO2-free fuel plantI’m doing a micro campaign on this blog in favour of this  CO2-free fuel.

It’s not a success. Nobody is interested, or else they think I’m another Nutter.

Please can you help? We need lots of free publicity and to persuade ‘respectable’ blogs, magazines, etc to write about it.

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